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IB50 – Big Brother Bombast or Bureaucratic Bullshit?

Warning by HM Government. This form can seriously damage your health.

Questions to DWP employee on telephone at local Jobcentre.

Q1. Why have I been sent this IB50 form?
A. To assess your incapacity for work.

Q2. Why would you want to do that?
A. Because you are receiving benefit.

Q3. Am I? Can you tell me what benefit I am [...]

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Significant Outages at

Good morning,

My apologies to those attempting to access either this website or, and found either unaccessible.
This is due to problems at my service provider, who have been caught out after a server ‘upgrade’.

JWB Tues 2nd Feb 2010

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January’s 2010 statistics

A good month for with over 85,000 hits. Articles on guitar pickups, Songs For Broken Voices and my stories all proved popular making Jan 2010 the most popular month since launch.
A search for ‘joebrown’ on Google yielded in 11th place – considerably better than previous months.

Another good month for with over 176,000 [...]

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Site Layout Notes

Theme Header Banners – 24th April 2009


The Atahualpa Theme (from WordPress) comes with a default set of header banners based on photographs of berries etc. I used these for the 1st two months of the sites’ life, before deciding to produce an alternative set. My aim is to produce a different set of these [...]

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My Font Baptism

If you haven’t got at least an Acrobat reader on your machine, then you won’t be able to see what is embedded below. If you haven’t then you should have! BTW I’ve embedded the pdf twice, so that you can read the whole thing without having to use Right Click | Next Page etc. – [...]