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Site Layout Notes

Theme Header Banners – 24th April 2009



The Atahualpa Theme (from WordPress) comes with a default set of header banners based on photographs of berries etc. I used these for the 1st two months of the sites’ life, before deciding to produce an alternative set. My aim is to produce a different set of these for each month. Currently, (April 2009) the banners are girls’ eyes – some beautiful – some scary – some known to me – some I wish I knew. Other than cropping these to size (~1300px X ~160px) they are untouched. (Honest!) In my choice of banners I try to maintain and support the concept of ‘connectable’, although on occasions you might regard (and I might accede) that the link is a tenuous one. Following this ‘connectable’ theme, next months banners will be maps – well you can’t get much more connectable than that!

Theme Sidebar Menus 27 May 2009
What is this predilection for the left sidebar in the Atahualpa Theme? Entering a Link Category and then adding links to this category automatically displays an approriate menu – in the left sidebar – No choice is given as to where it will appear. To implement menus in the right-hand sidebar I have had to resort to using a text widget and hand-carving the menus with HTML. If anyone knows of an easy way to change this, I’d like to hear from them.
BTW next months banners will be based on electronic schematics.

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