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Semiconductor Sale

Semiconductors for sale

Name Manufacturer Package Data Qty Comments Price
MAC11-6 (TRIAC) Motorola TO-127 var V(DRM) Max.(V)Rep.Pk.Off Volt.=400
Max.(A)On-State Cur.=10
@Temp. (?C) (Test Condition)=75
I(TSM) Max.
I(GT) Max. (A)=50m
V(GT) Max.(V)=2.0
I(H) Max.(A) Holding
I(D) Max. (A) Leakage Current=2.0m
@Temp. (?C) (Test
V(T) Max. (V)=1.8
@I(T) (A) (Test
t(gt) Typ. (s)=1.5u
@I(T) (A) (Test
dv/dt(c) Min. (V/us)=5.0
3 New Old Stock  
C230E (SCR) General Electric UNF stud c/w fixing nut PDF 4 New Old Stock  
C230E (SCR) General Electric UNF stud, sorry no fixing nuts PDF 4 Reclaimed, believed to be working  
BTY79/150R Mullard UNF stud c/w fixing nut   3 New Old Stock  
BTX30-400 RS T05 – long leads   2 New Old Stock  
BC143 mu E T05 – short leads        
BRY39 mu E     4 New Old Stock  
SCR1.05 4H72   T05   2 New Old Stock  
TIC45   plastic   1 New Old Stock  
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