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PSOC Development

This page includes some work done using the Cypress CY8C27643 PSOC. Note that this work is historical, but included for the benefit of those interested in PSOC development.

On completion of my Digital ReadOut using PIC18F4620, I was looking at measures to reduce the package count, this being 8 ICs– including the 40pin PIC. At the time there was a new technology microcontroller from Cypress – call PSoC , which was a mixed-signal array combined with an M8C processor core. This allowed for ‘constructing’ a plethora of electronic units both Analogue and Digital, controlling these with powerful RISC-style instructions, and inputting/outputting via the units globally-configurable pins. As it turned out, the available PSOCs at the time had insufficient grunt and I/O for my purposes, so I abandoned thoughts of using them.

I purchased a ‘bread’ board to try out the PsoC, these were manufactured by MikroElektronika.

Supplied with the easyPSoC 3 board was a mixture of Projects, both in assembly-language and ‘C’, to build and download to the PSoC on the board – the trouble is, most of these projects did not work. The main reasons were:

Projects for CY8C26643 will not run on the supplied CY8C27643 processor – These had to be ‘cloned’ to the boards’ processor, AND edited using the Cypress Development tools.

  • Projects were incomplete.
  • Project code was downright wrong.
  • Project code was missing.

The above may not have been a problem for experienced engineers, but made a poor introduction for newcomers – especially when some of the projects were assembly-language only. At the time of writing (17 May 2006) the above situation was still true, although there was some evidence that MikroElektronika was aware of the problems.

The easyPSoC 3 board has a dedicated section in the PSoC Developer Forum, and there are a group of board users, trying to provide what MikroElektronika failed to – a set of Projects that will run on the supplied processor, suited to the boards peripheral devices. My contributions to this forum to date have included the following:

Provision of assembly-language code to display bitmaps on the 128×64 graphics LCD supplied with the board. A back-up copy of this project is available here: Graphics LCD Project Zip

Simple loopback test for SPI master module. This is also in assembly-language, but is very simple and could easily be re-written in ‘C’. A back-up copy is here: Simple SPI test
Given below is the schematic of an SPI expander.

SPI Expander for PSOC 3 Board

SPI Expander for PSOC 3 Board


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